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Although the Indian economy is growing rapidly, 1.4 million children under 5 years are continuously dying from preventable causes and malnutrition is one of the underlying cause in 48% of these death cases.

Save A Child, is one of our programme, where we were working on preventing children aged 3-6 years in the urban slums of Delhi, India.
Educate Child
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In India having more than 1 billion population, just one-third amongst of them can read. Our biggest challenges are our rapidly growing population, shortage of teachers, books and basic facilities like insufficient public funds to cover educational costs.

Though we are amongst the top 10 nations having number of out-of children at primary level of education, still the rate of school drop-outs are at the peak. All this is because of poverty. The primary matter of concern in India is earning a livelihood and taking care of family members.

Education in India is perceived as a luxurious high priced activity, amongst the underprivileged people and this negative outlook continues on with the newer generations.

A disproportionate count of total out-of-school children in India are Girls. Equal opportunities for children is one of the serious social issues that have arose out of caste, class and gender differences.

The genuine concern in many parts of the country is child labour and resistance to sending girls to school. Millions of underprivileged children may never set foot in a classroom if the current trend will continue.

So let's take a step forward towards Child Education.
Women Empowerment
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Let's create an environment where women can make their own independent decisions for their personal developments and can shine as equals in the society. And it can be done easily just by defining channelized route for the empowerment of women.

Thus, let's drop our egos to make a step ahead and to contribute towards Women Empowerment.